University of Colorado Colorado Springs–Osborne Center for Engineering and Science

  • LEED Gold
  • Bronze Hard Hat Award for Architectural Design, Mountain States Construction
  • Winner of Green Building of America Award – Real Estate & Construction Review’s
    Success Stories Southwest Green Edition
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Design Award – Colorado Renewable Energy Society
  • Sustainable Design Award, CoBIZ Magazine

This project involved an addition to an existing engineering building. The addition contains laboratories, offices, classrooms, and lecture halls. The Micro-Master Plan for the Science and
Engineering Complex was influenced by the “curved shape” of the hillside landforms to the north. The “stepped” and terraced
vertical organization of the building was equally influenced by the steeply sloping site area and the need to connect with
existing buildings and campus circulation systems occurring on varying levels of the UCCS Campus. The building was awarded
LEED Gold certification because of the numerous energy and environment-saving features including thin-film solar panels, a
heating system that recovers exhaust from laboratories, an ice
storage system that saves air conditioning costs, high-efficiency windows, energy-efficient lighting with occupancy sensors, water saving fixtures, and extensive use of low chemical paints, adhesives, sealant, carpet and wood products.

This project included:

Addition to existing engineering building.
Laboratory. 4 Bid Packages – 1) Utilities 2) Foundations 3)
Structure 4) Remaining 

Research Facility Design. Square footage breakdown – office
17,833, classrooms including 3 lecture halls 10,480, Lab Space
58,221, Common, Mechanical etc 69,032. OR 75% lab, 10%
classroom, 15% office (since lab space requires most of the mechanical square footage). A LEED Gold rating was received.
Approximately 96% of construction waste was diverted from

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