Safety is Our Priority

Safety is Our Culture

The safety of our employees, of our subcontractors, our partners and clients is our absolute top priority. For a general contractor who self-performs work, our track record for safety performance is excellent.

Safety is about our families, our co-workers, and our communities, it encompasses so much more than the project sites we work at daily. Safety is the health of our employees, as well as the correct approach to the environment in which we work.

Our formal safety program is managed by a dedicated staff that oversees implementation of safety initiatives and continually works with field personnel to educate and enforce safety policies. Every employee receives regular safety training, in addition to ongoing training related to our unique project sites. All field supervisors are OSHA 30, CPR, and First-Aid Certified. Safety is part of each subcontract and reviewed with each subcontractor prior to awarding contracts and team members.

Measures Taken to Enhance Jobsite Safety
  • Reduce risks during preconstruction by designing toward systems that are safer, prefabricated, and that reduce onsite labor.
  • Isolate construction work from the general public. With every project, we establish a clear chain of command and proper communication.
  • Impose and enforce internal safety programs, training and statistics.
  • We recognize our teams when they excel in safety standards. We do this through awards, written recognition, hard hat medallions recognizing years of safety achievements, and GH Phipps belt buckle awards at our annual company safety event. 

Safety Best Practices

As a general contractor who self-performs work, we are proud of our excellent track record for safety performance. We give applause to our employees executing our training program, encouraging and educating one another, and our outstanding safety performance in the field. It’s not by one individual that we succeed in this, but a culture of care for others resulting in greatness.

Begins with a Plan

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) is a corporate culture at GH Phipps.

Exceeding Requirements

Our HSE program exceeds OSHA requirements, raising the bar on our commitment to health and safety.

Inside the Fence

Thinking inside the construction fence includes custom instructions and rules for maintaining safety on each individual project.

Outside the Fence

With the project location in mind, we plan for daily use of the space–ensuring that we are not impeding on other's needs. A thorough plan, considering the safety of all, produces the best overall results.

Good Neighbor

Our company culture is founded on relationships. Prior to the start of construction, we reach out to our neighbors and assess the needs for a safe, effective environment.

Occupied Space

We go above and beyond in being as unobtrusive as possible, planning contained work spaces and discreet exit and entry points. Safety is key in keeping everyone productive as construction is underway.

We Strive for Excellence!

Our employee-owners hold an unparalleled commitment to our clients, our deliverables, and one another. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Together, we achieve great things.

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