Colorado State University–Research Innovation Center


The Colorado State University Research Innovation Center is located near the CSU Foothill campus. The project included 21 labs for a total of 7,500 sf, office space next to Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) wet lab space, and a high-security facility with 24X7 monitoring. 

The Research Innovation Center provides students access to major equipment core facilities and the eligibility for the university to hire student interns. The CSU electronic library system provides access to vivarium, laboratory animal services, and major equipment cores for mass spectrometry and next-generation sequencing.

Being a fully occupied campus, adjacent to the Research Innovation Center, safety was paramount. The project experienced no lost time accidents from GH Phipps or our subcontractors. To protect students, clients, faculty, staff, workers, and visitors from potential hazards, ample signage, barricades, cones, and warning tape was employed to keep everyone aware of hazards and potential danger. 100% tie-off, regular safety meetings, and onsite reviews produced the desired results. Additional precautions were required for the tie-in to the existing building in order to eliminate disruption to the owner’s sensitive operations at the RIC and the outlying buildings and facilities.

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