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The Construction of GH Phipps

The history of GH Phipps Construction Companies dates back to the 1950s.

Gerald H. Phipps was the son of Lawrence C. Phipps Sr., a representative to the United States Senate from 1919 to 1931. Gerald inherited his father’s interest in philanthropic and civic involvement. The Phipps family supported Children’s Hospital Colorado in the early days, making generous financial donations to help the hospital grow. They also helped preserve the Winter Park ski area and took ownership of the Denver Broncos from 1961 to 1981.

Gerald began his career in construction by managing the Denver office of Platt Rogers Construction, the company founded by his uncle. Eventually, Gerald bought a Denver office and began what is now known as GH Phipps Construction Companies.

The Expansion of GH Phipps

The firm grew and prospered that first decade, and GH Phipps opened a Colorado Springs office in 1960.

Gerald’s interest in his employees’ success was consistently evident. In 1967, he established a profit-sharing plan allowing employees to share in the company’s success. After Gerald’s passing, his legacy was created with the transfer of the company’s assets to a profit-sharing trust. This trust is now held as an ESOP and shared by more than 200 of the company’s employees.

We realize that even the best organizations need careful and constant nurturing—our word must be as good as our work. Our company mission is to live up to the reputation of our predecessors, prioritizing our clients, employees, and community. Ultimately, we hope to leave things better than we found them.


Gerald H. Phipps Inc. is Established in Denver

Gerald H. Phipps worked for his uncle’s construction company, Platt Rogers, until Gerald bought out his uncle’s interest. Gerald and his wife Janet incorporated the new company, Gerald H. Phipps Inc., in 1952. The office was located at 1530 West 13th Avenue. Gerald H. Phipps Inc.’s first-year sales were a great success, reaching $109,000.



Colorado Springs Office

Company annual totals reached $3 million, and Gerald opened a Gerald H. Phipps office location in Colorado Springs.


Profit-Sharing Plan

Gerald established a profit-sharing plan to reward employees for their hard work and dedication.


Pioneering CM/GC

At fiscal year-end October 31, 1971, the company had exceeded $25 Million in sales, primarily due to long-term partnerships resulting in repeat clients. The company had become pioneers of the Construction Management/General Contractor concept in Colorado.


Safety Program

After implementing computer-assisted services, the company launched an official Safety Program.



Employee Owned, ESOP

Gerald’s interest in his employees’ success was consistent through the years. In 1967, he established a profit-sharing plan allowing employees to financially benefit from the company’s success. After Gerald’s passing in 1993, the company’s assets transferred to the profit-sharing trust to establish his legacy. The GH Phipps Trust was finalized and signed on March 28, 1994.  On November 1, 2000, this trust became the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and is shared by more than 200 employee-owners today.




Ft. Collins Office

The company expands to better serve the northern Colorado region, opening an office in Ft. Collins, CO.


The Firm Rebrands

The firm rebrands from “Phipps” to “GH Phipps.”


Wyoming Office

After partnering with Delta Construction, Inc. and purchasing the Wyoming-based company in 2010, GH Phipps launched a Wyoming office in Laramie.



Gerry, The Truck

With a company-wide vote, the iconic 1954 Ford truck receives an official name, “Gerry,” in memory of the late Gerald H. Phipps. Gerald’s authentic signature is commemorated on the side of the truck.


GH Phipps Wyoming, Casper

Early 2023, GH Phipps Wyoming opened a second office. The new office is located in Casper, Wyoming.

Past Company Presidents

Gerald H. Phipps Trivia

Gerald Phipps was an owner of the Denver Broncos and what other Denver team?

Denver Bears

Gerald Phipps was director of Rocky Mountain Empire Sports Inc., under which the Denver Bears minor league baseball team was purchased in 1947, maintaining ownership until 1984.
In what Denver neighborhood is the historic Phipps Mansion?


In the early 1930s, the 70+ room mansion was commissioned by Lawrence Cowle Phipps in hopes of creating jobs during the Great Depression. The property was donated to the University of Denver early 1960s and is now privately owned.
In what year did the Phipps brothers sell the Denver Broncos?


Gerald and Allan Phipps sold the Denver Broncos to Edgar Kaiser Jr. in 1981. The brothers initially purchased the team in May 1961 from Bob Howsam.
The Phipps family maintained a long-term customer relationship with which Colorado Hospital?

Children's Hospital

The Phipps family was an early donor to the establishment of this hospital. Platt Rogers (now GH Phipps) constructed the early hospital and GH Phipps continues to work with and give back to the hospital.
Who was the first non-player member inducted into the Denver Bronco's Ring of Fame in 1985?

Gerald H. Phipps

You guessed it! In 1985, Gerald Phipps was honored by becoming the first non-player in the Denver Bronco Ring of Fame.
Gerald Phipps and his brother Allan were part of what other Hall of Fame?

Colorado Business

The Phipps brothers were recognized for their impact on the state. From saving the Broncos team from leaving to preserving the Winter Park ski area, the brother's accomplishments contributing to local history are significant.

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