GH Phipps and the True Builder Mentality

Inside every city — from snow-capped mountain towns to bustling urban metropolis’ to sleepy, homegrown rural communities and everything in-between — live the cherished landmarks that call it home. We pride ourselves on tackling each day with this not-so-commonly known or referenced method, beginning at the ground level of each and every project, big or small. This comprehensive approach means that each day, our team puts its hands to work as builders, in addition to overseeing administrative levels like the preconstruction, budget planning, and cost-control phases — with the help of our talented and diverse project team of designers, clients and trade partners.

This all-hands method gives us the advantage of having the internal capacity to self-perform all necessary aspects of various construction projects — from concrete to HVAC to framing services and beyond — that are typically needed to be outsourced from additional, outside companies. This asset both sets us apart from the rest and puts us ahead of the curve, equipping us with the tools to reduce and conserve both time and costs for each project, ultimately creating space for a more holistic approach to our work at all levels. Collectively, this approach helps us to maximize efficiency, and quickly determine how these various elements and levels of our work will affect the overall time needed for completion, integrity and financial performance of the building process.

With over 65 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, GH Phipps has seen seemingly everything there is to see, giving us the unique opportunity to learn, grow and evolve alongside new commercial standards and industry trends that continue to emerge. The same applies just as much to our hiring and training processes, and ensures a cohesive methodology when it comes to forging and maintaining relationships with our teammates, clients and partners. (But don’t take our word for it; simply ask our repeat clients — who continue to comprise more than 75 percent of our portfolio!)

Our methodology has resulted in a broad spectrum of complex building experiences and clients. From more than 800 large and 4,000 small healthcare projects (totaling 15 million square feet of facilities valued at $3 billion,) to our work on iconic civic structures like the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and the Colorado State Capitol, to our 28 projects (and counting) that are meeting or on track to be LEED certified, our dedication to the True Builder Method continues to provide us with the autonomy and resources with which to sharpen and refine our brand strategies to better serve our clients and partners for centuries to come.

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