Denver International Airport–Concourse A West Expansion

The Concourse A West expansion projects will provide an additional 12 gates (17 bridges, 5 swing gates) with 5 International Nodes. Concourse A West increases the airport footprint by 130,000 sf. Included in the concourse expansion, A West will include an additional 14 new hold rooms for passengers and 10,000 sf of additional concession space. The Substructure of the expansion includes AGTS, basement, apron, concourse, mezzanine, and offices for passengers and airport personnel.

  • 28,500 CY Concrete
  • 1,600 Tons of Rebar
  • 380,800 SF Slab-On-Metal-Deck
  • 151,200 SF Slab on Void – 18” Void
  •  2,640 LF (79,200 SF) 18” x 20’ Shotcrete Walls
  • (6) 6-Story core walls

Each of DEN's three existing concourses is being expanded as part of the Gate Expansion Program allowing airlines an opportunity to grow and for DEN to accommodate new airlines including international carriers.

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