We Build Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek has been rapidly growing due to its proximity to downtown Denver and the mix between urban and residential environments, creating a thriving urban district. Recently, there have been numerous projects that graced the neighborhood to enhance the quality of living in the area and GH Phipps is proud to have been part of a few of them.

The North Cherry Creek Business Improvement District serves to make sure that any new construction in the area is operating smoothly for those who live and work there. The district has a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures to follow during the development of a new project that can be overwhelming if the construction company is not familiar. Rightfully so, the district aims to ensure that construction projects do not interrupt roadways, parking remains relatively open to keep residents and stores happy, and that there is not a large disruption to the neighborhood. Despite the challenges that these necessary guidelines and regulations create, GH Phipps Construction Companies has found productive ways to work alongside the North Cherry Creek Business Improvement District. GH Phipps is excited to be part of these efforts, continuing to focus on serving the needs of the area.

Global Down Syndrome Foundation HQ

The first project GH Phipps completed in the Cherry Creek area was the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Headquarters, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Down Syndrome. The 60,486 SF corporate office building was designed by Saiber Saiber Architects and was constructed for $24.7 million. In addition to the three levels of office space, there is also new first-floor retail, a residential level, and two levels of below-grade parking. This building is important to the neighborhood because it not only brought new jobs to the area but will create continued demand for local talent.

YETI Storefront

After the completion of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation HQ, we turned our attention to the YETI Storefront. This marks YETI’s first flagship location in the Denver area, who typically sells its coolers, drinkware, and other outdoor gear through retail outlets like REI or Ace Hardware. The construction of the YETI Storefront, which was managed and completed by GH Phipps, marks a strong addition to the shopping district of Cherry Creek.

Studio 135

Studio 135 is a new 5-story micro-unit apartment complex located in North Cherry Creek. It features 35 apartments, with 28 of the units consisting of studio and micro floor plans directed toward people working in the Cherry Creek area. GH Phipps served as the General Contractor on a technical zero-lot-line site, meaning that there was no space available to stage or store materials.

For this project, we utilized just-in-time delivery, ensuring materials were brought on-site precisely when they were needed. They were quickly installed, making sure everything was ready for the next day’s deliveries. The build was completed in the fall of 2020 and the structure is currently nearing full occupancy.

200 Clayton

Another successful addition to Cherry Creek will be Broe Real Estate Group’s 200 Clayton development. They are an experienced group with a multi-billion dollar portfolio of clients and previous work. This new office is an exciting project we are looking forward to being involved with.

Throughout all of these projects, GH Phipps has worked seamlessly with the North Cherry Creek Business Improvement District. Our expertise and deep understanding of the construction process within this area have allowed us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, while strictly adhering to the guidelines and regulations set for us.

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