Metropolitan State University–Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building

  • LEED Gold
  • Houses the school’s programs in the aviation sciences; civil, electrical and mechanical engineering technology; computer information systems and computer science, and industrial design
  • Fits the state’s push to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education
  • Program includes the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing
  • A “flexible” fourth floor houses equipment from advanced manufacturers
  • An asset for the school and the community in terms of Colorado’s growing presence in the aerospace industry

This CM/GC, LEED Gold project consisted of demolition of an existing
surface parking lot, site preparation including hazardous material
remediation and then the construction of a new Aerospace Engineering
Building. The building serves the university in terms of classrooms,
offices and laboratories as well as the private sector with the 4th floor
dedicated to a public/private collaboration space for industry to work with the university faculty and students. There is 118,500 sf of space in the
building broken into sections for each of the services provided. MSUD
has worked closely with industry to provide a partnership to insure that
the latest technology and tools are available to teach with as well as be trained on so that the students can enter the workforce with a leg up and be immediately productive.

We were awarded the project at the Schematic stage of design and
worked closely with AMD Architecture to monitor the costs and constructability of the building so that the university would get the most program with the funds available. As a result of the close working
relationship with MSUD, AMD and Phipps, the team was able to provide feedback to allow the introduction of industry partners into the overall
construction and completion of the project.

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