GH Phipps Receives Two Awards at the MEAs

  • Society for Marketing Professional Services Marketing Excellence Award–Video
  • Society for Marketing Professional Services Marketing Excellence Award–Crisis Management and Communications

GH Phipps is proud to announce two awards from the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) during the recent Marketing Excellence Awards (MEAs) event. The MEAs recognize the top A/E/C firms for their performance in a variety of categories.

The internal video was written and produced to highlight GH Phipps’s 70th anniversary as a general contractor in the Rocky Mountain Region. To remind the company’s employee-owners of the roots of Gerald H. Phipps and the construction company he founded, the marketing team decided to make an internal video to be released at the year-end Stockholder’s Meeting. Taylor’d Production Group was selected to work with GH Phipps to schedule shot dates, including an ESOP BBQ and site visits.

The deliverable was kept secret, even from several video committee members. The big reveal took place December 9, 2022 at Denver Botanic Gardens, one of the earliest and longest lasting relationships GH Phipps holds.

In 2021, GH Phipps launched a pilot program to test helmets and accessories in place of traditional hard hats. The company distributed more than 65 helmets in the field with follow up and feedback after several months, including weather seasons. This action was proactive, to determine what was best for GH Phipps’ 350 employees. With a look to the future, the company wanted to consider fall protection options and address realistic scenarios. If an employee were to fall, would a traditional hard hat fall/slip off? How about a fall resulting in contact with a vertical surface? That discussion sparked the ten-month pilot program to test the helmets. 

With feedback received from the test-run, GH Phipps found it was in everyone’s best interest to go company-wide with the replacement of traditional hard hats. The risk of a suspension-based hard hat falling off from impact was too great to overlook, and the ability for any field employee to suffer even a side impact was evidence enough to make the switch. It became clear that the improved protection offered with helmet designs are the future of the industry. Head protection is part of personal protective equipment (PPE), which, in the safety world is our first and last defense. Having the ability to not only protect the top of head during impact, but also address side impact becomes the game changer. Helmets prevent head and brain damage.

This year’s Marketing Excellence Awards gala was held on May 18th at Footers Social Capitol in Arvada. The event celebrates outstanding achievements from Colorado’s top A/E/C firms and professionals. Barbara Jackson, PH.D., FDBIA was this year’s emcee. Barbara is a nationally recognized speaker known for leadership, culture, and positive transformation in the industry.

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