Denver Museum of Nature and Science–Avenir Collections Facility

The Avenir Collections Center is a state-of-the art collections facility that houses the Museum’s 4.3 million specimens and artifacts. On February 14, 2014, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science opened an award-winning five-level addition on its south side. This civic and educational project is a 120,000-square-foot, five-level addition to the museum that is aiming for LEED Platinum certification. The addition will serve a dual purpose:  The two levels below grade will house collections and collections management functions; the three levels above grade will include classroom and educational facilities for all age groups. To date, more than 10,800 cubic yards of concrete have been poured, out of an estimated 15,000 cubic yards expected by project completion in 2013. Concrete components include elevator cores, underground storage areas, above-ground classrooms, and site walls. More than 23,500 man hours have been worked on the addition. 

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