Computer Lab / Data Center

Renovated four-stories and a basement from standard office building to a computer lab that required adding 10x’s the electrical capacity, 6x’s cooling, and twice the structural loading.

The new central plant included a loading dock and freight elevator. A portion of the basement was an operating computer data storage center that needed to stay in operation 24 hours a day without any
shut downs.

• Occupied Facility
• Structural Enhancement
• New Duct Work and Lighting
• Nora Rubber Floor for Static Control
• Staggered temporary openings thru windows for access with a
temporary structure extending out beyond building.
• N+1 Redundancy in cooling systems
• 1000 Tons of New Cooling
• Implementation of approximately 1000 Tons of Cooling from existing
central plant
• 5000 BTUH of Supplemental Heating
• Integration of High-Heat Density Cooling, utilizing 39 Refrigerant
Pumping Units, and 223 Cooling Modules
• Integration of In-Row Modular Cooling Systems
• 95% of 1000-Ton Central Plant was pre-fabricated, and set in building
on skids
• Free Cooling Integration
• 130,000 Man Hours Pipefitting, Plumbing, & Sheet Metal Trades –
performed in nine month period

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