Colorado State University–Center for Vector-Borne Infectious Disease

The new 38,000 gsf lab facility on CSU’s Foothills Campus will be home for the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology at CSU. BSL-2 Research Lab Space constitutes over 14,000sf of the overall building with an additional 5,000sf of insectary lab space. In total the facility includes arthropod-borne and infectious disease research laboratory, flexible open work spaces, insectary, office space and a complete 2nd story mechanical penthouse housing 3 large air handling units and 2 very large energy recovery units. It will be a LEED Silver Certified state of the art lab building. The new building was built directly adjacent and tied into the existing Campus buildings, all new work is being performed with careful and close coordination with Foothills campus staff to ensure no disruptions to existing and ongoing work in the areas. The project also includes 14 walk-in controlled environmental chambers, an elevator to the existing adjacent building, fume hoods, autoclave/ glasswash facility, and bio-safety cabinets.
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