Castle Rock–Town Hall Addition

The addition serves primarily as office space for the Town’s Planning Services Department, with some space allocated to its Finance Department. Moving these functions into the addition freed up significant space in the original building for other departments to move into, with room for all to grow. The interior is very open and light, with high ceilings and as much glass as possible.

Sustainable principles, especially those revolving around occupant quality of
life, were incorporated into the design. Daylighting and views, indoor air quality, and comfortable, attractive break spaces were highly important.

Responsible water and energy usage were fundamental to equipment
selection. Since the Town Hall is central to the Castle Rock government,
walkability and accessibility were essential for the entire building and site.

During design, it was decided that the entrance to the addition would serve
as the public service center for all the Town Hall departments, allowing the
remainder of the building to be secured, and protecting Town Staff. As the public face of the Town, the lobby was given extra attention in terms of finishes, furniture, art pieces, and even a living plant wall along one side to ensure a friendly and pleasant experience.

Coordination of the construction was also a key matter in this project. Town
Hall had to remain open to the public and occupied for the duration, and a
renovation of adjacent Festival Park was under construction concurrently.
Since portions of the construction sites overlapped, each project had to be scheduled and phased intricately to allow both projects to proceed without budget or schedule overruns.

The new portion of the building was attached to the existing Town Hall
with a glass connector that rises three stories to allow more daylight into
the building. Significant time before construction went into pre-planning
with the subcontractors and the Town to approve a project approach and
schedule that would work with the project requirements. Great care was taken in the exterior façade to match the existing construction materials. 

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