Academy District 20–Challenger Middle School

Former host to the NASA-sponsored Challenger Learning Center, the learning center was renovated to host a new administrative suite and a secure main entrance. The school is expanding to accommodate a new 300 seat black box theatre serving the student body and surrounding community.

The 4,000 SF black box theatre adds flexible performance and practice space with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, along with dressing rooms, restrooms and an adaptable classroom and storage space. The theatre utilizes brick veneer and glazing accents on the exterior to blend in with the original school.

The entrance of the Challenger Learning Center has been re-created as the
new main entrance to the school, adding a secure vestibule, accessible
path and modern admin suite; details that were lacking in the original building.

Outside, the existing space-era rocket that carried the entry canopy has been remodeled to give the main entrance an identity unlike other schools of this vintage.

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