Denver Botanic Gardens – Freyer-Newman Center for Science

LocationDenver, Colorado
ClientDenver Botanic Gardens
Size123,000 SF
Cost$32 million
ArchitectDavis Partnership

Denver, CO

The Freyer-Newman Center for Science, Art, and Education will be situated to the Northeast of the main campus of the Denver Botanic Gardens. The building is 2 stories with 50,000 SF of above-ground parking structure. This project is designed to meet LEED Gold.

The center will have many interesting and impressive features, such as:

  • Up to 3 galleries for exhibits
  • An auditorium
  • Water gardens for storm water retention
  • Atrium structural framing, fabricated to look like trees supporting a 4500 SF skylight
  • Topographic inlaid terrazzo atrium floor
  • Coffee shop with operable doors to an outside terrace
  • Library and Rare Books Room
  • Herbaria, Offices and Flex classrooms
  • Lab space, offices and processing areas, and other common-use space.

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