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Since our inception in 1952, GH Phipps has completed more than 800 large and 4,000 small healthcare projects, totaling 15 million square feet of facilities valued at $3 billion.

But healthcare is so much more than just big numbers. We know that these are places where lives are on the line. When we work inside a hospital, we know we are part of the living fabric of the inner workings of the facility, not just there to do a job.

From construction of a new multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art hospital, to quick turn-around remodels and renovations, GH Phipps handles the full spectrum of healthcare construction projects—all with the top priority of dedication to quality and attention to the special needs of patients and owners.  We also have special expertise in building to accommodate the latest medical technology. In fact, many of our past clients hire us over and over again just to oversee the installation of new technology in existing buildings.

In addition, GH Phipps has established a leadership role in healthcare construction quality by developing the first formal education and training program in Colorado designed specifically for healthcare construction professionals.  As part of our Healthcare Construction Services Training program, all GH Phipps management, supervisory staff members, and subcontractors are required to attend an in-depth training session that touches on every aspect of providing responsible, effective construction services in the healthcare facility environment. Training is independently administered and verified. Topics range from infection control, interim life safety measures, behavior and HIPPA, to evolving regulations and codes.

With a high-stakes healthcare project, we go by the book. After all, we wrote it.

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