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Community Involvement

The culture of giving is embedded in GH Phipps Construction Companies, part of the legacy left us by founder and philanthropist Gerald H. Phipps.

So it was no surprise that to mark our 60th anniversary, beginning in June 2012, GH Phipps launched 1-60-1952, a program that promoted employee volunteerism and giving back to the community. Those numbers stand for a goal of 1,952 hours volunteered by employees to 60 organizations in 1 year.

Employees quickly blew by that benchmark, in 12 months donating 3,577.5 hours to almost 80 Front Range organizations. Add in the 1277.75 hours worked by friends and family members, and the total was 4,855.25 – more than twice the target.

But why stop there? 1-60-1952 continues into our 63nd year in business, and will go on well into the future, with a blend of events sponsored by Phipps and those selected by employees – from participating in charity bike races and coaching youth sports teams, to raising funds or building sweat equity in non-profit and religious organizations.

In 2015, we continued our drive to collect art supplies for patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado, so young people can find enjoyment and diversion in arts and crafts projects. The Phipps team delivered 500 craft kits and 130 boxes of material, including more than 1,000 boxes of crayons, 5,000 cotton balls, thousands of sheets of construction paper, paints, activity books, and other materials. As well, we organized a morning of volunteering at the Food Bank of the Rockies, packing more than 200 boxes, accommodating more than 6,100 pounds of food that would provide more than 4,800 meals.

The reason? Easy: The community supports GH Phipps by giving us the opportunity to build some of the region’s most important structures: facilities for healthcare and healing, higher education, and K-12, civic activities and spiritual communities.  In return, we support the community and its good works.

In addition to the 1-60-1952 concept, the company over the past few years has supported dozens of organizations, many of them long-time clients such as the Cherry Hills Community Church, Craig Hospital, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Public Schools, Denver Health, Metropolitan State University of Denver, the Tennyson Center for Children, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the University of Colorado. New clients, such as Metro Caring, have joined the list. And many are philanthropic organizations that have made their own mark on the community, from the American Red Cross to Extreme Community Makeover.  

1-60-1952 grew out of the company’s values and mission, part of our goal to make a positive difference where we live and work, whether it is volunteering, contributing funds, or serving as board members or trustees. It all comes down to one simple thing: We give where we live.